Affordable Mobiles

Affordable MobilesMobile phones these days are not just emergency telephone devices, they are seriously stylish hand-held computers that few people can live without. Some of the top models and most expensive options, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC phones, offer high resolution screens, built in Sat Navs, internet access and many apps, as well as other hi-tech conveniences.

However, whilst some people enjoy all the bells and whistles that these phones provide, there is a massive downside that will put a lot more people off – the cost. Many, like the aforementioned brands are a minimum of £30 per month on a 24 month contract and this is something that many people simply can't afford. Luckily though, there are some great affordable mobile phone options out there, and, what's more, many of them look modern and stylish and come with many features, so you still get a great product for less.

Some people assume that opting for an affordable mobile phone option as opposed to an expensive model means that they will get a product that isn't particularly good looking and doesn't work half as well as expected. This is completely untrue – there are some great affordable phones to be had and many of them actually look more

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expensive than they are. In fact, just for reference, there are some fabulous Samsung, HTC and Nokia phones that are all affordable and all look good. They are also technically good on paper, allowing the user to be able to enjoy them without paying through the nose.

Before jumping in and selecting a phone, however, you should use comparison sites and forum reviews to establish which phones are the best options technically. Work out which one has the best camera, the best screen and the most storage, and base your affordability judgement on these aspects. Or alternatively, you can go in to any phone provider on the high street and they will explain the best value for money options for your budget.

For people who just want a phone to be a phone and don't require cameras, internet access and other conveniences built  in, basic mobile phones can be purchased for as little as £10 these days! Now that is affordability!

Finally, make sure you establish whether or not you want the phone on a contract or on a pay as you go basis. This is because there are certain phones that are available only on contract and others that will be offered only on pay as you go.

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